Inspired by the theme 'life by sea', artists bring forward a spectacle of events, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings and of course culinary tastings.

The festival aims to bring more awareness for island culture by integrating the arts with the local community and business. Local eateries, shops and residential houses are hosting an erray of music, film, exhibitions and eductaional talk giving the visitors an exciting opportunity to discover the island and meets its residents. 

The festival is an independent initiative supported by the local community. 





From Montreal to Shanghai, some of todays finest cabaratiers, dancers and troops are coming to the island to show us the best they have. And its amazing! If you like quirky and wonderful, you are in for a treat.



Guest curator Jimmy Choi brings forward a fine selection of famous documentaries but also for the first time will screen a short selection of documentaries made inspired on Cheung Chau.


Visual art

Fish, ocean ecology and island life are explored by award winning artists Michael Wolf and Mandy Barker while emerging artists will suprise viewers with site specific installations.